Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Silicone Casting

I discovered a product that replaces Mikrosil, Rough-Lift glue, and gelatin lifters. It is called AccuTrans® and it is made by Ultronics®. It is a silcone-based casting material that is similar to Mikrosil, but comes in a gun and cartridge system. NO MORE MIXING! Imagine putting Mikrosil in a caulk gun - it's that easy. It comes in brown for toolmarks, and white for fingerprints. The big news is that it also comes in clear! This allows you to use it to lift fingerprints but without having to work with a reverse lift! This replaces Rough-Lift glue and gelatin lifters! All three colors will set in about five minutes. I'm not trying to sell the stuff, I just want to let everyone know it's out there. I initially read an article about it in Evidence Technology Magazine which was interesting enough for me to contact the company. The sent me a sample of brown and clear to try out before I bought it. And if you really like hand mixing from tubes, they sell it in tubes as well. There is a very detailed article available online from Forensic Magazine if you're interested.